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Aging affects every part of your body, including those you don’t want to talk about. If you’re living with the effects of vaginal looseness, incontinence, vaginal flatulence, and you aren’t happy with the appearance of your labia, Thermiva®/Viveve® offers one of the safest and most effective methods available for alleviating all those conditions.

Thermiva®/Viveve® is the leading vaginal rejuvenation treatment. It uses non-surgical, state-of-the-art technology that rejuvenates the labia and inner walls of the vagina for increased sexual gratification for you and your partner. Women of any age can experience the difference that Thermiva®/Viveve® can make and the procedure is especially advantageous if you’ve had children or are menopausal.

Millions of women suffer in silence with incontinence, loss of vaginal elasticity and embarrassing vaginal flatulence. They’re topics that most women find too embarrassing and stressful to talk about, even with their gynecologist, and many women aren’t even aware that the technology exists that can help.

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Revolutionizing Treatment

The good news is that you don’t have to live with the unwelcome effects that accompany childbirth or aging. Thermiva®/Viveve® restores the appearance of the labia and tightens the vaginal canal for improved function and better quality of life for you.

The treatment has revolutionized how vaginal looseness is being treated and is a favorite of celebrities due to its ease and effectiveness. Thermiva®/Viveve® isn’t just for older women. An increasing number of women in their 20s and 30s are turning to the technique to regain the elasticity, tone and sexual confidence they had prior to having children.

Priceless Vaginal Health

Vaginal rejuvenation is more than a cosmetic concern or an aesthetic issue – it’s essential to your physical, mental and emotional health. Thermiva®/Viveve® is a painless, high-tech procedure that tightens the opening of the vagina and revitalizes the inner vaginal walls.

Appearance of the labia is restored and the procedure aids in increasing lubrication for more comfortable sex and heightened sensation.

Benefits of Vaginal Health

Thermiva®/Viveve® has multiple benefits that include:

  • Decreases vaginal dryness
  • Addresses inflammation that can arise from vaginal dryness
  • Increases sensitivity
  • Reduces bladder leakage that can occur even during sex
  • Stronger contractions of the vaginal wall and pelvic muscles
  • Effects continue to improve over time
  • More intense orgasms
  • Tightening of the vaginal canal
  • Refreshes the labia for increased appearance and sensation
  • Improved arousal
  • Increased lubrication
  • Greater control over stress incontinence
  • Skin is softer and smoother
  • Reduces vaginal sagginess

Thermiva®/Viveve® is an FDA-approved procedure for treating multiple types of sexual dysfunction that can occur due to normal changes in your body at every stage of your life.

How Thermiva®/Viveve® Works

Thermiva®/Viveve® utilizes radio frequencies to increase blood flow and stimulate your body’s production of collagen, a protein your body produces naturally that keeps skintight, youthful, and provides elasticity.

Your physician will use a small, stylized wand-type device for the procedure. The radio frequencies emitted with Thermiva®/Viveve® enable the delivery of safe, temperature-controlled heating of the areas to be treated.

There’s no pain, downtime, needles or stitches. Treatment time can range from 15-30 minutes and no anesthesia is required. While results vary as every woman is different, you may see an immediate and substantial improvement after your very first session.

Depending on your age, health and individual signs of aging, results may last for up to a year before a maintenance treatment is needed. Thermiva®/Viveve® can be used in conjunction with other methods, depending upon the severity of symptoms and the results you want to achieve. Advantages include:

  • Painless
  • Non-surgical
  • No downtime
  • Immediate return to regular activities
  • Can see some immediate results
  • Improvement continues over time
  • FDA-approved

How to restore vaginal health?

Your body undergoes a myriad of changes throughout your lifetime that affects the suppleness, appearance and elasticity of the vagina and labia. As you age, tissues begin to thin and shrink. It can result in reduced sensation and less lubrication, along with pain and discomfort during sexual encounters.

One of the great fallacies concerning vaginal rejuvenation is that Kegel exercises are the cure. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor but do nothing to revitalize or improve inner vaginal tissues. The highly specialized results available with the Thermiva®/Viveve® procedure are ideal for reinvigoration.

What are the most common causes of vaginal laxity?

The most common causes of vaginal laxity are:

  • Childbirth
  • Aging
  • Menopause
  • Vaginal trauma
  • Substantial fluctuations in weight
  • Certain medications
  • Some medical conditions

If you’re like most women, you probably didn’t even notice the early symptoms of laxity or ignored them. They typically occur slowly over time and you may have even thought they were “normal.” Heredity and genetics also play a role in your skin’s resiliency, but with Thermiva®/Viveve® you don’t have to accept the symptoms or learn to live with them like legions of women before you.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a concept that was first explored by Hippocrates and Celsus and it was addressed as a reconstruction problem. It wasn’t until the 18th and 19th centuries that methods were developed to address the condition, but before Thermiva®/Viveve®, the options for vaginal tightening were restricted to highly invasive surgical techniques that were painful, risky and required significant recovery times.

Thermiva®/Viveve® has completely changed that. With increased lubrication, you won’t need messy and inconvenient lubricants or estrogen creams and gels. Arousal times are reduced and pleasure is enhanced. Stress incontinence that occurs when you sneeze, cough, laugh or lift will be substantially reduced.

Is Thermiva®/Viveve® Right for You?

Your initial step toward vaginal and labial rejuvenation begins with an appointment with your medical professional for a consultation. Dr. Goodman can explain the procedure in detail, the treatments needed for optimal results, and the effects that you can realistically expect.

Thermiva®/Viveve® has been used successfully to treat women ranging from 21 to 80 who want to continue to experience the benefits of intimacy and a healthy sex life. With Thermiva®/Viveve® there’s no reason to settle for less.

You can improve the appearance of your labia, resiliency and tautness of the vagina, reduce the effects of incontinence, and experience better orgasms. It’s never too early or too late to experience the difference that Thermiva®/Viveve® can make in your self-confidence and sexual satisfaction.

What can Thermiva®/Viveve® do for you?

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